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More about me...

I'm a proud art enthusiast. One of my missions is to make art more enjoyable and accessible for all. 

I previously volunteered as an exhibition docent at a Korean museum, and hope to continue the work in Los Angeles, too. I find joy in learning about artworks/artists and finding engaging ways to make others fall in love with them.

Discover how my interests shaped my career

Re:fine Studio 

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2020 - 2021

Refine Studio is an interior decor brand specializing in art posters crafted in-house and through artist collaborations. We emerged in response to the growing demand for home decor during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering budget-friendly decor options in the era of social distancing and remote work. Our journey began on Naver's e-commerce platform and expanded to include a second store on BRANDI, a leading fashion e-commerce platform in Korea.

Skills: E-Commerce Strategy, Digital Engagement

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180 Degrees Consulting

Consultant, Copenhagen Branch


180 Degrees Consulting is a global non-profit organization that offers consulting services to socially-minded enterprises.

My team provided rebranding and customer awareness strategies to a business in Copenhagen, enabling them to expand their commitment to carbon reduction and the inclusion of marginalized youth. In recognition of high-impact work, my team was honored with the Social Impact Prize.

Skills: Customer Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights

Eazel, Inc.


Business Development Intern


Eazel is an art-technology startup operating in Seoul, New York, and Hong Kong. I witnessed the transformative power of analytics for the first time by engaging in market research and a data-driven project at Eazel. Starting my career at the intersection of art and data with such an innovative startup was a great joy and still motivates me today to further deepen my engagement in this dynamic world.

Skills: Data Collection, Data Cleaning, MS Excel, Confluence

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