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Concrete Bridge

 Jane Lee

A Bridge Architect of Data, Business, and Art

About Me.

I find joy in assisting individuals or organizations capable of bringing about transformation in the fields of culture, technology, and community or across all of them. I aim to help them gain recognition and bridge any existing gaps so that their visions can come to life. This is my definition of 'building bridges' and the purpose that drives me.

By coincidence or fate, I discovered such a purpose by living up to the meaning of my name: "to cross with humaneness." My journey has been a constant quest to bridge the gaps between cultures and disciplines.

I moved from Seoul to Hong Kong to study international business and solve complex business problems within and beyond Asia. I've always been determined to merge the worlds of business and art, with the ambition to enrich all lives through creativity and fostering deeper mutual understanding. This led me to double major in art history, engage in projects at a startup and a non-profit consultancy, and even run my own e-commerce business.

I soon realized that to create meaningful connections between different realms, one needs the right materials and skills. This revelation inspired my current pursuit of a Master of Science in Business Analytics at UCLA Anderson. Now, equipped with advanced analytics and data storytelling skills, I am on my path to unlocking more positive transformations.

bridge architect.jpeg


Expected: Dec 2024

University of California,

Los Angeles

Anderson School of Management

Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

  • Machine Learning for Decision Making | Optimization

  • Prescriptive Models | Customer Analytics | Data Management

  • SQL, Python, R, Tableau

2017 - 2022

University of Hong Kong

BBA in International Business and Art History

  • First Class Honors | President's Scholar Scholarship

  • HKU Delegate for International Case Competitions

  • Tutor of Business School Case Training Program

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